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PP Woven Bag

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PP Woven Bag

MK Packaging is one of the leading Polypropylene (PP) bag manufacturer in India. We are manufacturing polypropylene bags since 1995 owing to our long experience we can offer our customers the best quality products. Our offer comprises of various types of bags and sacks. We make polypropylene woven bags and sacks according to our customer's specifications, concerning dimensions and weights. PP Woven bags are the traditional bags in packaging industry due to their wide variety of usage, flexibility and strength.


Technical Parameters


Weight As per customer Requirement
Width 12" to 36" 
Length 18" to 60"
Colors Any Colour
Stitch Single/ Double Stitch
Packing Bale
Laminated/Coated As per customer Requirement
Mesh 9 x 9 TO 11 x 11















Advantages :


  1. Very affordable, Lower cost
  2. Flexible and high strength, persistent durability
  3. Can be printed on both sides.
  4. Can be stored in an open area due to UV-stability, up to 6 months.
  5. Water and dust proof design due to inside PE liners or laminated on the outside; hence, packed materials are protected from outside humidity.
  6. Twisted weave and anti-skid print to prevent slipping
  7. Fully recycled

Applications for packaging of  :


  1. Chemicals, fertilizers, cement, urea, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber
  2. Flour, grain, seeds, spices, pulses, dates, agro products, fish meal, cattle feed
  3. Sugar, salt
  4. Sand, metal parts, concrete elements
  5. Fruits, vegetables
  6. Mails / letters / documents.

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